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Join or Renew Your Two-Year Membership!

Membership in the Association provides a subscription to member updates and announcements by the Association, as well as a discounted registration fee at the biannual conferences.

Regular memberships are $100.00; memberships for students are $50.00 (U.S. Dollars). All memberships are valid for two years from the date payment.

We also offer a Premium membership for $200.00 (USD). Premium membership allows members to pay their own membership fees, as well as the membership fee for another individual who cannot afford to pay membership dues.  We see this as a way to sustain our current membership and to support new and diverse members.  A premium membership can support a specific person (in which case, please email IALSP email the person’s name) or it may be allocated by the Executive.  If you are not in a financial position to renew your membership (and we are very aware of the financial difficulties some members are experiencing) please contact IALSP, as you may be considered for one of these sponsored memberships. 

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